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We make use of RegNow, Share-it and Protexis e-commerce processing services based in Europe and the United States to handle all e-commerce sales transactions.

  • Share-it! is a software registration service with presences in Europe as well as in the United States. Accepts payments in USD and Euro.
  • Protexis is a CNET partner company founded in 2000 that provides software publishers with industry-leading technology supporting software sales in over 100 countries All sales transactions are carried out on Secure Servers making it safe to register on-line.
  • is an industry leader in providing e-commerce processing services and online credit card processing

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How do you know you are connected to a secure site?

Your browser will show you when a secure link is established. MS IExplorer shows a small, padlock in the bottom right corner of the screen when a secure connection is established. Note that you won't see this secure signal until you are on the actual order form page where you enter your credit card data. Netscape shows a small, unbroken, key in the bottom left corner of the screen when a secure connection is established.

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Are the order forms secure?

Absolutely. All your information is encrypted and sent using the highest levels of security available - industry standard SSL ( 128bit Secure Sockets Layer) and is backed by a Trusted Third Party certificate ( Verisign, Thawte). E-merchants handle millions of dollars of online orders per year and security is paramount.

Flexible payment methods

Our products is available from well-respected online resellers and merchants such as CNET, Tucows, Simtel and others.

Usually Accepted:
Ordering online
By phone
By fax
International Money Order
Bank wire
US $ Checks
UK £ Cheques
Local currencies
Large quantities
Credit Cards
Debit Cards

Frequently Asked Questions [ Top ]

Will I get free software updates?

It is the policy of Capitalistech to give a discount when you upgrade one of its products. Certain products offer free software upgrades.

Do you offer volume discounts or can we arrange a special price for a multi-license purchase?

Yes, some of our software packages offer volume discounts - please make a request using the support email on the product's page.

Do you check for viruses?

Before publishing our products, we always make sure to check for viruses. We are doing everything on our side to keep virus infections
out of our computer systems and products.

Every year tens of thousands of new viruses are released onto the Internet and millions fall victim to them. They may be part of an email
or can be activated by a simple click on an picture, image or web page link. We encourage all to work together to destroy virus infections and to notify people if there are computer viruses. Please contact us at security at if you suspect or have knowledge of any virus infections on our computers or products. Very often people are unaware that a virus has infected their system and the world's best computer anti-virus programs cannot detect all the viruses - especially very new and fast - spreading viruses.

We encourage everyone that buys products online to use Symantec's Norton Ghost - made by the famous
Peter Norton ( Norton Anti-Virus ) to make backup copies of your entire hard disk at stages to avoid data loss due to virus infections. With Norton Ghost, you can simply restore your computer to a previous state - it restores all files and directories perfectly. It is a wonderful way to make sure that if you buy products online, that your computer is clean from any virus infection: You simply restore your computer to a previous safe - state to buy online.

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