Corporate Profile

Capitalistech is a corporation with the goal of providing creative, professional applications for popular operating systems including Windows, Palm and Windows CE Operating Systems.

  • End user applications.
  • State-of-the-art and friendly User Interfaces.
  • Tools, utilities and scripts.
  • Applications.
  • Screen savers and presentations.
  • Database architecture and design.
  • E-commerce.
  • SQL servers.
  • Multi-tier solutions.
  • Web-based software solutions.
  • Online stores.
  • Network solutions.
  • Installers and installation packages.


Customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

We are committed to providing quality software that will make desktop and wireless applications even more user friendly.

At Capitalistech, we focus on improving the

  • user interface
  • speed
  • ease of use
  • stability
  • features
  • and reducing the cost of software


To accomplish our mission we understand that we need to:

Think globally

Thinking and acting globally - generating income by exporting our products and services through the Internet. Constantly innovating to lower the costs of technology.

Trustworthy business

Deepening customer trust through the quality of our products and services, our responsiveness and accountability.

Establish a broad customer connection

Connecting with customers, understanding their needs and how they use technology, and providing value through our products and services.


In all facets of business: marketing, innovation, production, human resources; in everything we do.